Michael Friedrich

  • @dnsmichi
  • Ops in Dev Evangelism at GitLab 🦊 Polynaut Adivsor at Polywork 🌈
  • he/him
  • Nuremberg area, Germany
Everyone can contribute and everyone is awesome. Passionate educator and thought leader in Monitoring, Observability, IaC and Cloud Native. LEGO builder when refreshing batteries, all-remote async. 🌐
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Senior Developer Evangelist

  • GitLab
  • Mar 2020 - Present

Senior Developer

  • Netways
  • Dec 2012 - Feb 2020

Developer & Admin (DNS, Monitoring)

  • University of Vienna, Computer Center
  • Mar 2009 - Dec 2012

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Jan 26, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
Received Swag Kit
Preparing for a conference talk
Thank you Chaos Carnival for the incredible speaker swag. 🤩🤩🤩 

Lets create chaos tomorrow 🔥 

Register now, for free 💥 https://chaoscarnival.io hosted by ChaosNative. 
Jan 25, 2022
Jan 25, 2022
Nominated for a discretionary bonus
Feeling appreciated
I've been helping the log4j incident with analyzing the situation in Dec 2021. Next to my responsibilities helping with communications, I also wanted to learn how GitLab's security scanning features can help detect log4j.

I love creating demos to showcase Observability and Security, this always leads me into learning new things. My research led me into diving into the code and analyzing everything in a dev environment.

I've then collaborated with product and engineering teams to add a feature to container scanning, listing the detected dependencies in container images, including log4j. We have defined the requirements, and were able to prioritize. The feature was released in the same week, and could be added to the security feature log4j blog post.


I have learned so much about features, cross-team collaboration and security incident processes.

Today I was nominated for a discretionary bonus, for the values of collaboration 🤝, transparency 👁 and iteration 👣 Love my job 💜
Jan 23, 2022
Jan 23, 2022
Updated a website
Shared online learning resources

o11y.love updates 

  • Style refinements with logo, font & dark/light switcher 🌈 
  • Added Chaos Engineering topic with Litmus
  • Added AWS, Google Cloud to Observability Platforms 
  • Refined SLO/SRE topics 
Jan 23, 2022
Jan 23, 2022
Got featured
Got featured in a publication
Jan 20, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
Wrote a Blog Post
Sat down and thought about workflows as Developer Evangelist and how I can optimize my impact while staying curious for new opportunities 🤔 

New blog post on How Polywork helps Developer Relations 💡

https://dnsmichi.at/2022/01/20/how-polywork-helps-devrel/ #devrel #community 
Jan 19, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Launched a new website
Shared online learning resources
o11y.love first iteration done ✨ 

A free #learning resource for #Observability #o11y 💡 
#EveryoneCanContribute at https://o11y.love/contributing/ 🤝 

#o11ylove inspired by o11y.news by Michael Hausenblas 💜

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